Boating Safety Tips For Summer

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Summer Boating Safety Boating is one of the greatest summer activities. Time spent on the water can be both relaxing and enjoyable. However, boating presents its dangers that you must be aware. Even if you are a seasoned boater, it is always a good idea to review some boating basics before departure. [...]

What Do I Do If I Was Injured On A Pier?

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Injured On A Pier Docks and piers are water based structures designed to give boats a safe place to load or unload passengers and cargo. Docks and piers are naturally high traffic areas with lots of machinery, people, and vehicles, so the potential for accidents and injuries is significant. The risk of [...]

What If I Was Injured While Working At Sea?

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Injured At Sea Some laws govern how injuries and accidents that occur on ships or other seagoing vessels. These rules are called “Maritime laws” or “Admiralty laws.” The content of these statutes pertains to the relationship between private individuals and businesses that are involved with ocean-based commerce. The entities could include sailors, [...]

Liability for Passengers Injured Aboard a Cruise Ship

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Cruise Ship Injury Liability Cruise ships are considered “common carriers,” meaning they are obliged to an individual duty of reasonable care to the passengers. Cruise liners must use the highest degree of care in protecting their passengers from harm. Another obligation of cruise ships is to ensure the passengers arrive [...]

Do Minor Vehicle Accidents Need To Be Reported?

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Should I report my minor car accident? Car accidents are rarely pleasant experiences. A car accident could leave drivers with massive amounts of property damage and major injuries if the wreck was severe enough. However, most major car accidents are small fender benders that usually do not involve any person getting hurt. [...]

Record Evidence After Car Accident

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Record Evidence After Car Accident After a car accident, you will need to build your case. A personal injury lawsuit in Alabama or an insurance claim will require you to gather as much information and evidence as you possibly can following a car accident. The more documentation and records you have to support [...]