Common Accidents on a Construction Site

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When most people think about dangerous jobs, their minds immediately go to construction. Even while construction job sites may try to be as safe as possible, the construction industry accounts for 20% of all fatal accidents reported to the Bureau of Labor and Statistics per year. Construction workers also accounted for almost 10% of nonfatal [...]

Receive Compensation After A Railroad Injury

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Railroad Injuries in Alabama A railroad is a dangerous working environment that puts workers at risk every moment that they are at work. Railroads have had a history of being dangerous since they began to roll into the United States. Legislation has even been passed, such as the Federal Employers Liability Act (FELA) in 1908, [...]

Distracted Driving FAQ

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Distracted Driving: Frequently Asked Questions Distracted driving accidents have become a serious issue in America. All over the country, drivers are focusing on more than just the road. It will help you to know the answers to some frequently asked questions so you can avoid dangerous distracted driving accidents and stay safe on the road. [...]

Choosing The Right PFD

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How To Select The Right PFD Boating is a favorite summer past time. Whether it is to water ski, go tubing, or catch some fish, almost everyone enjoys the open water. However, boating is far from the safest hobby in the world. Accidents that occur in open water are dangerous because they [...]

Nursing Home Injury Prevention

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Preventing Nursing Home Injuries Nursing home injuries are an increasingly common problem. 20% of elderly accidents, including falls, occur in nursing homes, even though only about 5% of the elderly population live in nursing homes. Nearly 2,000 elderly people die each year from those falls and accidents, with even more sustaining injuries. While some injuries [...]