3 people injured when boat hits jetty near Dauphine Island

3 people injured when boat hits jetty near Dauphine Island

The Alabama Deep Sea Fishing Rodeo turned tragic this year after two people were injured during a boat crash on the Friday night of the event. The accident, which doesn’t seem connected to the rodeo because there wasn’t any fishing equipment on the boat, occurred when a jetty by the Dauphin Island Airport was struck by a boat.

The boat ran aground on airport property. United States Coast Guard members were doing exercises at the time and promptly stopped those night helicopter exercises to help with the boating accident.

The two people, a young girl and a man, who were injured had to be taken to local hospitals via air transport. Both are said to be in stable condition, according to AL.com. A teen male was taken to the hospital after being treated for lacerations on the scene.

Nighttime Boat Safety

It is important to note that this accident happened at night, which brings up the need for a quick reminder about boating safety. When you opt to get out on any body of water, you must follow proper safety procedures. This includes being aware of your surroundings and double checking weather forecasts.

If the USCG hadn’t have been performing exercises in the area, this accident on the water might have turned out differently because of the time it can take for authorities to render life-saving aid to some people in boating accidents. It is always important to stay as safe as possible.

Compensation After A Boating Accident

People who are injured in boating accidents should learn about their right to seek compensation. This might help to cover the high costs of air transport, medical care and other expenses.

Source: Fox10TV.com, “Boating accident near 83rd Annual Alabama Deep Sea Fishing Rodeo,” July 15, 2016

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