Alcohol-involved accident claims 2 lives, former astronaut blamed

Alcohol-involved accident claims 2 lives, former astronaut blamed

Alcohol, drugs and driving always carry the possibility of being a fatal mixture. If a person who consumes alcohol and drugs decides to drive, it might not be his or her own life that is in danger. Instead, they might place other people in danger of being injured or killed. A recent case shows that nobody is immune from the effects of mixing alcohol, drugs and driving.

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In the early morning hours on a Monday, a vehicle driven by a man who reportedly had empty wine bottles and an empty package of sleeping pills in a hotel room where he was staying crashed into a Ford Fiesta from behind. Two girls who were in the Fiesta weren’t wearing seat belts, were thrown from the vehicle and died. Two adults in the vehicle were injured.

The father of the girls was driving the Fiesta at the time of the accident. He was bringing the girls from their mother’s home in Texas to Alabama for summer vacation. They were approximately 20 minutes from the father’s home in Alabama when the fatal drunk driving accident occurred. The man who slammed into them was said to have a disheveled appearance, slurred speech and smelled of alcohol.

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The man who was driving the other vehicle was arrested and faces criminal charges for killing the girls. That man is a former astronaut and retired Air Force colonel. He was arrested and released on a bail of $150,000.

The loss of children is tragic, especially when the deaths could have been prevented if the man hadn’t have driven after drinking. In cases like this one, the family members left behind might choose to seek compensation for their loss.

Source: Fox News, “Former astronaut charged with murder in Alabama car crash that killed 2 girl,” June 08, 2016