July 2020

June 2020

Pedestrian Fatalities Rising Sharply in Alabama

2020-07-12T15:39:58-05:00Bike and Pedestrian Accidents, Car Accidents, Personal Injury Law|

Over the past decade, the United States as a whole has seen an astounding increase in the number of automobile accidents that resulted in pedestrian fatalities. While the combined number of other motor vehicle accident deaths not involving pedestrians rose just two percent, pedestrian fatalities spiked 53% during the 10-year period from 2009-2018! During this [...]

Uninsured Motorist Coverage 101

2020-07-12T15:39:59-05:00Car Accidents, Distracted Driving Accidents, Truck Accidents|

After meeting with yet another client today and giving her the news that the driver who caused her car accident had no liability insurance, I felt compelled to get some information out there about the most important automobile insurance coverage that no one is talking about. That coverage is called Uninsured Motorist coverage, or UM [...]

April 2020

Accidents Caused By Running Red Lights Increase Sharply

2020-07-12T15:40:01-05:00Car Accidents, Distracted Driving Accidents|

According to the latest figures from AAA, the U.S. has seen a significant surge in the amount of fatalities caused by drivers recklessly blowing through red lights. On average more than 2 people per day are killed as a result of these accidents on roads throughout the U.S. Alarming Increase Since 2012 2017, the most [...]

March 2020

Time Change Effects On Injuries & Car Wrecks

2020-07-12T15:40:04-05:00Car Accidents, Causes of Truck Accidents, Distracted Driving Accidents, Truck Accidents, Workers' Compensation|

  It’s time once again to give the clocks an hour’s nudge! Daylight Saving Time was implemented nationwide and standardized in 1966 as a means to save energy used in lighting. However its usefulness is now being called into question more and more as cultural shifts have changed the way we use energy, particularly with [...]

February 2020

Protecting Auto Accident Claims

2020-07-12T15:50:22-05:00Car Accidents, Distracted Driving Accidents, Drunk Driving Accidents, Personal Injury Law, Truck Accidents|

  The Alabama DOT estimates about a 98% chance of being involved in a motor vehicle accident in your lifetime. And based on accident data, typical drivers in Alabama, over their lifetimes, have greater than a one in three chance of involvement in an injury or fatal crash. If you have injuries or expenses due [...]

January 2020

Protect Your Rights After A Car Accident

2020-07-12T15:40:06-05:00Car Accidents, Distracted Driving Accidents, Truck Accidents|

Car accidents disrupt lives, whether temporarily or for the duration of the injured person’s life. Residents and non-residents involved in an automobile accident in Alabama must follow state rules and regulations. This article contains important requirements and also helpful hints based on our experience representing people involved in automobile accidents in Alabama. Safety First After [...]

October 2019

Halloween Scary Facts & Safety Tips

2020-07-12T15:40:08-05:00Bike and Pedestrian Accidents, Car Accidents, Distracted Driving Accidents, Drunk Driving Accidents|

  Halloween brings about sights and thoughts of haunted houses, ghosts & goblins, and spooky stories around the campfire. Celebrated every October 31st, it’s one of the most popular holidays with an estimated 41 million potential trick-or-treaters participating in 2017 alone. While most of the day is full of make-believe characters, and most of the [...]

August 2019

How to Avoid the Most Common Types of Car Accidents

2020-07-12T15:40:09-05:00Car Accidents, Distracted Driving Accidents, Drunk Driving Accidents, Personal Injury Law|

If you live and work in Mobile or the Gulf Coast area, there is a good chance you commute in an automobile. There is also a good chance you have been involved in a car accident, or you most likely know people who have been in an accident. One of the most dangerous things you [...]

July 2019