March 2020

Time Change Effects On Injuries & Car Wrecks

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  It’s time once again to give the clocks an hour’s nudge! Daylight Saving Time was implemented nationwide and standardized in 1966 as a means to save energy used in lighting. However its usefulness is now being called into question more and more as cultural shifts have changed the way we use energy, particularly with [...]

June 2019

Workers’ Compensation for Construction Site Injuries

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Injured on a construction job site? Maybe a co-worker accidentally hit you with a tool. Or maybe it was caused by a piece of dangerous equipment. Whatever the cause, you may have an injury that needs medical care. And you may need some time off work to recover. You will likely have medical bills and [...]

November 2017

Workers’ Compensation: Follow Your Doctor’s Orders

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Accidents on the job site can result in broken bones, strained muscles, and other painful injuries. After receiving immediate medical attention, it’s important to continue to follow your doctor’s orders to a “T.” If you skip appointments or stop taking your prescriptions, you might lose your workers’ compensation claim. At Clay, Massey & Associates, P.C., [...]

February 2017

What are Liens and How Will They Affect My Settlement?

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What are Liens and How Will They Affect My Settlement? First of all, what is a lien? A lien is a hold placed on money that has been or will be awarded at the end of a settlement or judgment. The money that is held aside is to pay a third party for a debt [...]

August 2016

Catastrophic injuries require extensive and costly care | Mobile Motor Vehicle Accident Lawyer | Mobile Auto Accident Attorney

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When you are involved in a car accident, several types of injuries might occur. Spinal cord injuries and brain injuries are two of the most serious types of injuries....