Dealing with emotions after a drunk driving accident

Dealing with emotions after a drunk driving accident

In our previous post, we discussed the death rate of drunk driving accidents in Alabama. That post was a real wake-up call for some people and a source of sadness for others. No matter which side of the fence you are on, the fact is that drunk driving accidents are devastating — even when there aren’t any deaths. We understand how devastating these accidents can be and are here to help victims take action.

Victums of Drunk Driving Accidents

Victims who survive drunk driving accidents can face a variety of injuries. The physical injuries are usually painful, but the emotional and mental trauma can often be even worse. In some cases, the victim might suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder. This can make it difficult for them to handle normal life events, such as riding in a car. They might be too nervous to drive after the accident. As you can imagine, PTSD can impact every area of their life.

Another way that a drunk driving accident can impact lives is through survivor’s guilt. If you were involved in a drunk driving accident that claimed the life of a friend or loved one, you might feel guilty that you survived. We know that can also have a profound impact on the rest of your life.

Seeking Compensation After A Drunk Driving Accident

When the mental and emotional trauma comes up after an accident, seeking mental health help is often necessary. This can range from going to see a counselor once to having intensive therapy multiples times per week. Medications and other interventions might also be necessary.

If your life has been impacted by a drunk driving accident, you will probably never go back to life exactly as it was before the accident. Seeking compensation for the effects of the accident on your life might help you to get the financial means to make improvements and get help where you need it so that you can live the best life possible despite the accident’s effects.

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