Dollar General crash leads to severe injuries and lawsuit

Dollar General crash leads to severe injuries and lawsuit

An Alabama woman has opted to exercise her right to seek compensation after she was injured when a vehicle crashed through a Dollar General store’s front door. The lawsuit, which was filed by a 53-year-old woman seeks to hold Dollar General accountable for the accident.

The woman alleges that she was doing some shopping at the store in Northport on March 14. During her trip, she was struck by a car. According to her legal representation, the woman is still in the hospital and might not ever be able to walk without having assistive devices like a walker or cane.

Car and Pedestrian Accidents Can Be Prevented

An issue that this accident has raised is that of barriers in front of the Dollar General stores that are meant to protect patrons from these types of accidents. At least 10 accidents similar to this incident have been reported since 2008 at Dollar General stores. Despite that fact, not all of the stores have the protective barriers in front of them. The one in Northport didn’t have the barrier when the accident occurred.

Accidents like this one, which involve a car and a pedestrian, can be very serious. Often, the pedestrian will suffer from injuries that require significant medical care. In some cases, such as this woman’s case, lengthy hospitalization is required.

Car Accidents Might Lead To Compensation Claim

Even though many people might not realize it, any accident involving a car might lead to a claim for compensation. This is especially true if the driver was negligent or reckless at the time of the accident. It is possible to seek compensation for missed wages, medical care costs, and several other categories of damages that might apply to a case.

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