Drowning: You can hold negligent parties accountable

Drowning: You can hold negligent parties accountable

Drowning accidents can happen any time people are around water. Drowning accidents could happen for many reasons, and they don’t necessarily have to be intentional. Simple mistakes or negligence can lead to these situations, but the fact is that someone has to be held accountable.

Who Is Liable In A Drowning?

If someone you love dies in a drowning accident, it’s up to you to decide if you want to sue for your loved one’s wrongful death. You could potentially sue the negligent facility or the person responsible for the drowning. At a local pool, a lifeguard could be accused of negligence if he or she fails to see a child drowning, or a facility could be accused of negligence if a lifeguard is not properly trained and fails to help someone who is drowning in the water.

Another example may be if a child is learning to dive, but an instructor fails to see that he or she hasn’t surfaced after hitting the board on the way into the water. If no one goes in after the child, then drowning is a distinct possibility.

When Negligence Causes Drowning

Boating accidents can also lead to drowning in lakes or on the ocean. If someone in the water drowns because of being struck by a boat, then that boat’s driver could be accused of negligent driving behaviors. Boating under the influence can also lead to drivers being held liable for the injuries and deaths of those around them. If a drunk driver has guests on the boat that are injured or killed because of his or her negligent driving, that can also result in charges being filed against him or her.

Our website has more information on drowning and what constitutes negligence, so you can learn more before filing your claim.

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