Maritime law: What you need to know about maritime injuries

Maritime law: What you need to know about maritime injuries

Choosing the right lawyer when you need to go to court or seek compensation is an important step in your journey. With the right attorney on your side, you can work together to make the most of your claim. If you work on board a vessel of any kind, then you may want to discuss your case with an attorney who deals in admiralty law.

Maritime Law Attorney

Better known as maritime law, admiralty law covers all injuries, offenses, torts and contracts that happen on navigable waters. The law is a combination of both international and U.S. laws, and it primarily focuses on issues that take place at sea.

However, in recent years, the laws have been expanded. Now, they cover any issues on public waters, including rivers or lakes. Typically, these laws focus on how ships interact, how passengers and crews are protected at sea, what the captains’ obligations are, and the rights of the crews.

Admiralty Law

If you have to take a case to court that has to do with admiralty law, it’s likely that you’ll be working in federal court. It is also possible to be seen in a state court, although this is much less likely unless the case is specific to the state.

Whether you have a boating accident on a local lake or have a problem with a reckless crew at sea, it’s important to know that there are laws in place to help you make a claim. An investigation can take place, too, so you know your injuries won’t be taken for granted. Our website has more information on these laws, so you can understand your rights.

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