Motorcycle accident claims are often subjected to prejudices

Motorcycle accident claims are often subjected to prejudices

Many people think of motorcyclists as burly guys who are covered in tattoos, who tend to trend on the wrong side of the law and who don’t always drive safely. Interestingly, that isn’t necessary the case. When it comes to motorcycle accident claims, that preconceived idea is one that the injured biker often has to overcome. We know how difficult that can be, and we are willing to fight to overcome it on your behalf.

Motorcycle Accident Liability

When it comes to motorcycle accidents that involve another vehicle, two-thirds of those are caused by the other driver. This highlights the fact that most motorcyclists are safe drivers who take pride in being able to ride without an accident. That makes perfect sense because most bikers are proud of their bike and wouldn’t want to damage it.

Motorcyclists are much more likely to be injured in an accident than people who are in other vehicles. This is because of the open design of the motorcycle. There isn’t a metal frame protecting the biker during the impact.

Seeking Compensation After A Motorcycle Accident

Those injures often come with lengthy medical care and missed work. The financial impact can be great. The biker has to deal with a loss of income and an influx of medical bills. They also have to deal with the damage to their bike.

Some bikers who are injured in accidents caused by other drivers might decide to take a stand. Seeking compensation allows them to hold the other driver liable for the incident while making an attempt to reduce the often extensive financial impact of the serious accident.

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