Motorcyclists must change awareness strategies in the fall

Motorcyclists must change awareness strategies in the fall

Even though we don’t see snow here in Alabama, the autumn months are still ones that see a lot of changes. The leaves are falling and the night are getting cooler. For many people, this means a small change to their clothing. For motorcyclists, this means some pretty considerable changes to the way they ride.

Prevent Motorcycle Accidents

Motorcyclists need to be sure that they don’t suffer from any type of weather-related injuries when they ride. This means that you need to take proper precautions with what you wear when you ride. As the days and nights get cooler, make sure that you are taking the temperature change into consideration. Wearing leather gear can help to protect you from the chilling winds while you ride, which decreases the chance that you will suffer from hypothermia or frostbite.

You have to continue to be cognizant of other vehicles on the road during these cooler months, but your awareness can’t stop there. You also have to watch out for deer as you ride. Most people have seen what a deer can do to a car, so you can imagine the effects slamming into a deer would have on a motorcycle.

Motorcycle Accident Injury Attorney

You also need to watch out for fallen leaves. These leaves can be slippery, especially when they are wet. Even if you aren’t in the lane with the leaves, pay close attention if other vehicles are driving in that lane. Even cars and trucks can slip on these leaves. The same is true if there is frost on the roadway because other vehicles might lose control and crash into your bike. If that happens, you might opt to seek compensation.

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