Offshore workers have special protections in the Jones Act

Offshore workers have special protections in the Jones Act

Offshore workers, including those on oil rigs, barges, boats, and ships have some unique risks associated with their occupations. Maritime accidents aren’t very common, but when they do occur the devastation can be considerable. This is because of several different factors. We understand the risks associated with working offshore. If you are injured in an offshore accident, we can help you to learn about your rights to seek compensation.

Offshore Accident Attorney

One unique challenge that occurs when there is an accident offshore is that you will have a medical care. In the case of a catastrophic injury, you might have to wait for an air evacuation. That means that you would be able to receive only basic first aid until you are evacuated. While the care would be a bit more specialized in the air evacuation unit, it still wouldn’t equal up to the care you would receive at a trauma center.

Maritime Accidents and Injuries

Generally, maritime accidents and injuries are handled in accordance with the Jones Act, which enables seamen to sue an employer if there is an accident that was caused by negligence. There are several elements that are required to be present if you are planning on filing a lawsuit based on the Jones Act. Two of the most important include that you were a seaman when the injury happened and that you were on a vessel when the accident happened.

It is very important to ensure that you understand the definitions associated with the Jones Act if you are planning on filing a claim. We can help you to understand those definitions, as well as points in the Jones Act and related Supreme Court rulings that might have an impact on your case.