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When bicycle and pedestrian accidents occur, information and evidence tend to disappear quickly. A well-executed investigation can answer questions that are crucial to a lawsuit for damages. Who witnessed the accident and where do they live? Was the vehicle driver and victim insured and what are the applicable policy terms and coverage? Was the biker or pedestrian following the rules of the road?

The attorneys of the personal injury law firm of Clay, Massey & Associates, P.C., have handled many thousands of personal injury claims and we focus our initial efforts on a crucial process — fully investigating the accident.

We work with professional investigators to

  • Locate and interview witnesses
  • Visit the accident scene and investigate key factors including debris, scuff marks, lighting, crosswalk and school zone issues
  • Obtain and analyze police reports

We then review medical records, insurance policies and other key documents and thoroughly prepare the case for negotiation and, if necessary, trial.

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Once injuries, vehicle driver negligence, claim value and insurance coverage are established we can negotiate for your maximum compensation. Our three-member legal team is comprised of two highly experienced negotiators/litigators and a lawyer who has served as an insurance defense attorney. We have negotiated numerous settlements of $1 million or more and have also won a number of jury verdicts exceeding $1 million.

For more information regarding our firm and your rights following a bicycle or pedestrian accident, contact our firm.