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Our Experience Pays in Motorcycle Accident Cases

In a legal sense, motorcycle accidents are similar to car accidents. In reality, they present a serious difference—juries are generally very unsympathetic to motorcyclists and insurance companies know this. Success, then, requires that your lawyer:

  • Negotiate effectively with applicable insurance companies, or
  • Win the sympathy and understanding of the jury if the case goes to trial

The attorneys of the personal injury law firm of Clay, Massey & Associates, P.C., have handled dozens of motorcycle accident cases. We are skilled at demonstrating the extent of egregious injuries and the economic and personal consequences of injuries and wrongful death. We are also highly experienced in illustrating to juries that motorcycle accidents and injuries are not the fault of motorcyclists just because they got on a bike. Rather, motorcycle accidents can often be the fault of negligent car and truck drivers.

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Receive Compensation After A Motorcycle Accident

Our ability to help clients obtain the compensation they need following motorcycle accidents is demonstrated by several recent cases:

  • Our client was headed down a highway on his motorcycle when an elderly woman pulled out in front him from a side road. Our client was injured (and his friend, on another bike, was killed). The insurance company argued that their customer (the elderly woman) did nothing wrong. We proved that our client was driving with care and that, with his pulsating safety light, he could easily be seen. We settled the case for a substantial confidential sum.
  • In another case, a car pulled out in front of our client’s motorcycle causing him to flip over the car. Injuries, fortunately, were serious but not catastrophic, and we settled the case for $160,000.