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Nursing Home Accidents

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Personal injury cases involving nursing home neglect and abuse demand an aggressive pursuit of a fair and just result. Nursing home regulations clearly communicate safe practices to nursing home staff. Staff members are trained in the proper care of elderly and incapacitated loved ones placed in their care. At the law firm of Clay, Massey & Associates, P.C., we believe there is no excuse for nursing home accidents and injuries.

We have handled dozens of nursing home neglect and abuse injury cases involving falls, malnutrition, dehydration, bed sores and other injuries and acts of neglect. We quickly and thoroughly investigate nursing home neglect and abuse cases then work aggressively to help our clients recover the compensation they deserve either through negotiations or trial.

A Recently Resolved Case Illustrates Our Effectiveness in Handling Nursing Home Neglect Cases

A recent case demonstrates both the extent of negligence that can occur in nursing homes and our skill in obtaining fair results for our client.

Our clients’ loved one entered a nursing home to recuperate from an operation. Nursing home staff was warned of the possibility of injuries due to falls.

After just two days in the nursing home our clients’ loved on left her bed and had fallen seven times. At no time was the patient restricted or restrained and at no time was so much as a mattress placed on the floor along side the bed to provide protection from injuries.

After the seventh fall the patient died from fall-related injuries. Our investigation and handling of the case resulted in a substantial $7 million settlement.