Seek compensation after a motorcycle accident injured you

Seek compensation after a motorcycle accident injured you

The warmer days of summer are giving way to the cooler days of fall. While this won’t cause people to put away their motorcycles, it does mean that they might get on them less and less because of the changing weather. If you are still riding your motorcycle into the winter months that are on the heels of fall, you must be extra vigilant during your rides. There is a chance that motorists might forget that motorcycles are still on the road, which means they might not watch out for you.

Motorcycle Accident Injuries

When a car hits a motorcycle, the person on the motorcycle stands a good chance of being hurt. Some of the injuries that are possible are very serious injuries that could lead to a lifetime of issues. In all motorcycle accident injury cases, the motorcyclist is going to have to take time to heal.

We understand that while you are healing, you might not want to put your focus anywhere other than your health. Alabama law might not let you do that. If you are planning on seeking compensation for the accident, you need to take action quickly because the statute of limitations starts when you are involved in the accident.

Motorcycle Accident Attorney

While you try to recover from the injuries you suffered, we work to determine why the accident happened. Was the driver inattentive? Distracted? Drunk? Speeding? Something else?

We also work to determine how much compensation you should seek. This includes compensation for medical care you have already received and the medical care you are likely going to need in the future. It can also include compensation for other factors, such as time you had to miss at work.

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