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Special factors exist in wrongful deaths of kids and the elderly

Seeking compensation for a loved one’s death through a wrongful death lawsuit is one way that you can hold someone liable for the negligent or reckless actions that resulted in the death. If the person who died is a child or an elderly person, you might find that the compensation amount is affected by those classifications.

Factors Considered In Wrongful Death Cases

One of the factors that is considered in wrongful death cases is the loss of earning capacity of the person who died. In the case of a child, that earning capacity hasn’t been established or is difficult to determine. In the case of an elderly person, the earning capacity period is usually behind him or her. This lack of current earning capacity can often result in a smaller award.

That isn’t to say that it is impossible to receive compensation for a child’s or elderly person’s death. There are several ways that a monetary figure can be determined in these cases. It is often possible to determine the future earning capacity of a teen, but it is difficult in younger children. In some instances, the award is based on nothing more than speculation.

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In a case regarding an elderly person, it is assumed that the earning capacity isn’t significant after the age of retirement. In this case, the lack of support needed by the elderly person’s adult children is another factor that can have a negative impact on the claim for compensation.

Determining how your case would be affected by the age of the decedent isn’t always easy. Finding out the specific laws that apply to your case can help you to determine an appropriate course of action.

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