Statistics and causes for Alabama large truck accidents

Statistics and causes for Alabama large truck accidents

Transportation officials reported more than 128,000 motor vehicle accidents statewide in 2012, resulting in more than 40,000 injuries and 870 deaths. Over 9,700 crashes occurred in Mobile that year causing over 2,100 injuries and 29 fatalities. More than 7,900 collisions statewide involved large trucks.

The truck accident rate in 2012 made up a proportionately small 3.4 percent of all crashes in Alabama. However, those crashes were responsible for a considerable amount of pain and suffering. Records linked statewide large truck with 1,562 injuries and 90 deaths.

Simple carelessness

Human errors are often to blame, whether crashes involve vehicles of the same or different sizes. However, the extraordinary size and weight of large trucks create a higher risk of injuries and fatalities in collisions, particularly for drivers and occupants of smaller, lighter vehicles.

Improper lanes changes were the primary reason for Alabama traffic accidents in 2012. Simple carelessness, like the failure to use a turn signal while passing, can have much more devastating effects when one vehicle is much larger and heavier than another. Professional and nonprofessional drivers share fault for these accidents.

Truck drivers are familiar with the operation of smaller vehicles, but car and light truck drivers typically don’t have the same knowledge about large trucks. For instance, a car driver may not consider large truck limitations, like blind spots, beside and behind the vehicles, or the need for extra time to come to a stop. Drivers can miscalculate truck speeds and maneuverability.

Personal Injury Attorney

Truck drivers may speed or drive too long to satisfy an employer’s demands. Trucking companies may be held accountable for negligence, like hiring poorly trained drivers and forcing fatigued operators to drive. Other third parties like truck owners, leasing firms and vehicle servicers may be faulted.

An accident claim assessment by a personal injury attorney with Clay Massey & Associates can help accident victims identify at-fault parties and possibly recover compensation for losses.